T.R. Woodman signs with Maximus Literary

Authors have their first books…

  • The first book that sparks within them a love for reading.
  • The first book that explodes their imagination.
  • The first book that challenges their thinking.
  • The first book that haunts them, still.
  • The first book that inspires them, still.
  • The first book with an ending they’re certain they could have written better.
  • The first book they finish writing.
  • The first book they love writing.
  • The first book a literary agent loves too … and wants to share with the world.

So, it’s official … I have another first to share. The incomparable, Maxann Dobson of Maximus Literary will be representing my work! I have known Max for years and she has been a great source of wisdom and inspiration for me as an author. As far as literary agents go, there are none better or more qualified, and I am very blessed to have her on my team.

Among other titles, Max is representing TRAPPED IN TWINGLE’S TWILIGHT ZOO. It’s the story of a boy who is desperate to escape another humdrum weekend, and sets off to find adventure but gets trapped by a curse instead. It’s a story I had a ton of fun writing and I really can’t wait to share it.

Also, I’m hopeful to have news about the official pub date for STARGAZER GIRL, book 4 and the Stargazer series finale, very, very soon … watch for those details.

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