Evelyn’s finale

After thirty minutes of sprints and another thirty minutes of drills, my daughter raced across the field in sleeting, forty-degree weather. Her clothes were soaked. Her hands were frozen. Every inch of bare skin on her legs and face was red. But despite the conditions, she wouldn’t have been any other place.

With 28 girls vying for playing time on a competitive soccer team, showing up for practice isn’t enough. The girls have to be good—really good—and with twenty returning players, some two years older than my daughter and two years more experienced, getting playing time is anything but assured. But my daughter works hard, she’s fast, and (thank God) she has the self-esteem to believe she deserves a place on the pitch. Maybe it’s just the dad in me talking, but I think she’ll be out there at game time.

Being an author is a lot like trying out for that competitive soccer team. And I guess you could say I’m in much the same position as my daughter—I am also competing against people with more experience, some with more talent … ouch … and many with more books. Fortunately, all of those things can be remedied by doing one simple thing … writing more. Which I have been. Lots more actually.

The 4th (probably final) book in Evelyn’s saga is still scheduled for publication in early summer. Jane and the Exodus (book 1) was more of an adventure. Doppelganger Girl (book 2) had a little romance. Monster Girl (book 3) was a thriller from start to finish. With the series finale (book 4), I wanted to bring a little romance back to the series, but I also wanted to show Evelyn’s growth into, and acceptance of, the person she is.

Between now and the release, I’ll share more about Evelyn and her story, including some snippets and early chapters. Until then, I’ll be hard at work with my editors to make the finale every bit as good as the rest of the series. And with three other projects underway, I’ll have lots of good stories for you sooner than you think.

Best, Travis

P.S. If you are looking for some more good sci-fi, and you haven’t read it yet, I just started reading C.S. Lewis’s, The Space Trilogy. It’s not on sale, but you can pick it up at Amazon, or check it out at your local library.

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