I fell in love with this book and the series.

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“You’re not some kind of witch, are you?”

“Not that I know of.” Evelyn smiled and leaned further over the edge. She felt his fingers on her lower back, like he was ready to grab her by the pants if she started to slip. “But at this point, I wouldn’t be all that surprised to find out I’m cursed.”

Cursed. It was rarely a thought but often a feeling that came over Evelyn when she thought about certain things. It sat in the shadows like the sickly dog they had passed, reminding her even in the beautiful moments that her secrets were dark, unnatural—perhaps inhuman. The feeling was there again, lurking behind her or in the ocean below, whispering the same word it always sang. Imposter.


A determined girl will cross the galaxy, risking everything she holds dear to find the one thing that’s missing …

Pursuing answers to mysteries has led Evelyn to being kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured, poisoned, battling bionic super-soldiers and sea monsters, and maybe worst of all … other teenage girls. So, when she is confronted with another mystery involving the same colonists who have ridiculed, hunted and exiled her, she’s certain it will bring nothing but heartache.

But her head can’t convince her heart of this truth. Even though she finally has everything she wants—freedom to trek the galaxy; the respect, if not the admiration of the colonists; the boy, her first friend and first love—the aching void in her chest tells her that something is still missing.

So, with thoughts and feelings she cannot explain to herself, let alone to those she loves, Evelyn will throw herself into another mystery—one that will span the galaxy and may cost her everything she holds most dear, all with the hope she’ll find that ‘something’ that’s missing … a place to call home.

Stargazer Girl is the book 4 finale in the Stargazer series.