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Evelyn squeezed her legs tighter to her chest, feeling the stretch in her lower back. “So, are you a ghost or a delusion?”

Tate held out his arm to her, his offer for her to touch him seemingly more of an invitation than a dare. “What do you think?”

Evelyn didn’t move, except to look back out the window at the waves. “I suppose it doesn’t matter. Either way, things have just taken a turn for the worse.”

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Stay and face a terrifying plague alone. Leave and face the wrath of the colonists who exiled her. A choice Evelyn may not survive.

Exiled by the colonists she was created to protect, Evelyn is finding her way through life as an outcast. It isn’t easy though. The hollow feeling of hunger never leaves. And with winter approaching, she knows things are only going to get harder.

Evelyn decides to leave Orsus; not even a beautiful alien enigma, blowing in over the western mountains of her camp, can persuade her to stay. But her plans to leave are cut short by a sickness bringing horrors Evelyn couldn’t have imagined in her worst nightmares. The sickness distorts her thoughts, warps her vision and reveals to her a shadowy darkness within herself that is vast and terrifying.

Struggling for survival, Evelyn has no choice but to seek help from the colonists, knowing the penalty for returning could mean death. But when she arrives, Evelyn finds the colonists are dying by the hundreds from the same disease, and once again, she is confronted with the grim dilemma of her creation—should she help the people who torment her, or save herself, because she can’t do both.

Monster Girl is book 3 of 4 in the Stargazer series.

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